How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks can be caused by any instance where the body grows quickly and in some cases, when weight is lost quickly. Most people consider them to be unsightly and for this reason, we look for a different ways to remove or reduce the visibility of these marks. To treat stretch marks, you could employ the use of a range of different home remedies that will provide results in varying degrees.

Eat Foods to Boost Collagen

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body and it is very important for the health of the skin. Eating foods that will increase the collagen production in the body will help to fade stretch marks and improve the health of the skin. Foods like kale, cucumber, oranges and soy can all work well to increase the production of collagen and by doing so, prevent stretch marks and heal the skin that has been damaged.

Egg Whites

Providing proper nourishment to the skin is an important factor for clearing up stretch marks and egg whites can be a good source of the proteins and amino acids that your skin needs. Put two egg whites in a bowl and whip them to a nice consistency. Spread the egg whites over the stretch marks using a makeup brush and allow them to dry. Once dried, you can wash them off with cold water and apply a moisturizer. After applying this treatment daily for about a month, you should see a reduction in the visibility of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a high-quality natural moisturizer that will nourish the skin and reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Massage cocoa butter onto the stretch marks until it is fully absorbed. You will need to apply this treatment twice daily for about 4-6 weeks before you start seeing results. Continue the treatment for about six months to improve the health of the skin and reduce the visibility of stretch marks.


Being rich in amino acids and vitamin E, alfalfa can provide one of the most effective treatments for the removal of stretch marks. Take some alfalfa powder and add it to a little bit of chamomile oil. Mix the two together until it has produced a nice smooth paste. Spread this paste over the stretch marks while massaging it into the skin. Repeat this treatment once a day for about 4-6 weeks and you should see a noticeable reduction in the visibility of the stretch marks.

For many people, stretch marks are just a part of life, but that does not mean that they do not want to get rid of them. While you will not find any miracle treatment that will get rid of stretch marks overnight, there are plenty of options that can work well if you continue them over time. Depending on your genetics and the severity of the marks, the results will vary. However, with the right combination of home remedies, you should be able to at least make the marks less noticeable.