The Psychological Benefits Of Exercise For Busy Moms

Busy moms have to take care of so many things like attending to their husbands’ needs, looking after their children, managing their homes and keeping up with the demands of their job. Becoming active on so various fronts and performing so many diverse activities not only saps energy of working women, but can also generate stress in their mind. If they do not do anything concrete to counter the impact of stress in their life, this can be damaging for their physical and mental health. Here exercising can prove to be quite effective for relieving their stress and for promoting their mental and physical health. Though we all are aware of some of the physical benefits of exercise like burning calories, increased stamina, etc., we do not know much about the psychological benefits of exercise. Working women stand to gain a lot by knowing more about such benefits that exercise can provide to them.


Hereby are some of the psychological benefits that exercise can imparts to busy moms and working women.


  1. Trying to negotiate with the demands at work and catering to the needs of their family can generate a lot of stress in women’s mind. Exercise helps to relieve their stress which otherwise can affect their physical and mental health and well being. A sweaty physical workout would help in reducing stress in working mothers and thus their body can better deal with mental tension.


  1. Exercising vigorously releases endorphins which generate feelings of euphoria and happiness in the individuals. These counter depression or anxiety in the concerned persons. Doing some sort of exercising is quite useful for lifting people’s mood.


  1. Exercising helps in boosting self-confidence. Women who exercise regularly tend to have an increased self-esteem and are able to build a positive self-image. Exercise raises their self worth and they tend to develop an increased perception of their attractiveness. Which woman would not want this happen to her!  


  1. Doing exercise in the outdoor locations raises people’s self-esteem even more. Activities like hiking, canoeing or jogging brings individuals close to nature, exhilarates them and boosts their confidence. While exercising in the open, people get exposed to sun which boosts their intake of vitamin D directly from the sun. This in turn reduces the chances of developing depressive symptoms in them. For experiencing such gains, working women need to devote some of their time for exercising in the open.


  1. As time goes, we grow old and our brain loses power. Due to this, our cognitive abilities decline. Aging leads to killing of our brain cells due to which we lose important brain functions. Exercising coupled with a healthy diet helps to reduce aging related cognitive decline.


  1. Exercising can reduce anxiety which if untreated, can affect our mental health. The chemicals that get released in our body after exercise lessen our anxiety and thus save us from its harmful effects.

The above mentioned psychological benefits of exercise can be quite useful in countering stress in the life of busy moms. Exercise will help to increase their energy levels and lift up their mood, so they can better take care of their kids, husband, home and the work that they do at their office.