How to give your day a healthy start

Morning shows the day. If the start is good then the rest of the day will go nice as well. A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nice sumptuous breakfast will keep the energy up in us for all the activities of the day. They say have breakfast like a king and let us reveal you the secret to a healthy day- never skip your breakfast. A wholesome spread consisting of a variety of foods is must for getting us through the day. Many of us often skip breakfast thinking they will eat something later but they fail to realize that they are doing nothing but messing up with their systems. Below are listed some tips for giving a kick start to your day.

The tips

  1. Avoid caffeine – try to avoid caffeine in any form instead have a whole fruit to start your day


  1. Exercise – simple stretching exercises energises one for the day ahead. Yoga and meditation early in the day makes one immune to diseases physical as well as psychological. Exercising and being fit should be the motto of everyone.


  1. Have a nice sumptuous breakfast – A wholesome breakfast with all the ingredients will keep us up and at it. A full glass of orange juice, a nice toast, some eggs or milk will do the trick.


  1. Drink water – drink lots and lots of water during the day and also after waiting up in the morning. A spoon of honey in warm water will pump up our body. It will also help in losing weight.


  1. Keep up with the daily news- read the newspaper and make yourself acquainted with the latest trends in the world.


  1. Spend some time with the family- you can spend time with your family in the morning talking over a cup of tea or while at the breakfast table. Get to know what is going in their lives and their schedule for the day.


  1. Spend some time outdoors- spending time outdoors will help in rejuvenating the mind. It will help in soothing the soul.


  1. Follow a routine- chart out a simple routine for yourself to follow.


  1. Meditate- meditation is the key to a bright young day. Meditate for 15 minutes and see the magic. You would be enthralled at the amount of energy you would have.


  1. Be optimistic- start the day by telling yourself that it is going to be a great day and you will do something productive today.



Getting up in the morning and managing everything is not exactly a child’s play but we ladies know how to manage any and everything. But a bad start to the day could ruin it all and that’s the very thing we are looking to avoid. Smile, eat healthy, be hopeful  and look forward to what happens next. Happy new day to you!