How To Stay Fit And Healthy As A Stay At Home Parent

If you are a mom staying at home for whom looking after her kids is a full time occupation, finding some of your busy time for exercising can be quite difficult. This is because you are busy round the clock for fulfilling your children’s various needs like changing their clothes, preparing food for them, making them bath and the list of tasks goes on and on. The rest of your time gets spent in caring for your husband and ensuring that he gets his meals and everything else he needs on time before going to office. After he comes back to home after a hard grind at his office, you will have to be ready to help him out in every possible way. All moms staying at home have a similar story to tell. But caring for your husband and children does not mean that you cannot and should not find enough time for exercising to keep your body in shape. What is required is some smart thinking, planning and sticking to your fitness regime dedicatedly. You may find this difficult initially, but you can still achieve with persistent effort and determination.


Here are some of the tips which would enable you to exercise, keep yourself in shape and experience benefits like increased patience, healthy body and peace of mind.


  1. Firstly you have to find out when you can find enough time for exercising. You would not be getting hours for exercise being a busy parent, but you can still manage to find half an hour or so when your child is sleeping or busy playing with his friends. If your child is too small, you can exercise by strapping him or her to your back using the baby carrier. Just ensure you do not exercise too vigorously so as to avoid hurting your child.


  1. Due to your busy routine, you would not be getting time to go to a playground for running or exercising. But you can use own your home for exercising. You can do skipping, walking or jog lightly around the house. The other good option is walking on stairs at your home multiple number of times.


  1. One other convenient option is to download some exercising videos from the internet and play it on your laptop. By copying the experts who guide you on how to perform aerobics and other exercises through their videos right in front of you, you can exert a lot in the shortest possible time and significantly burn your calories.


  1. You can also subscribe to a personal trainer’s services who can visit your house during a suitable time and help you out in exercising properly.


By implementing these exercise related tips, you would be able to keep your body in shape as well as gain peace of mind and become a better parent.