How To Stay Fit And Active At Home With Only 20 Minutes Per Day

If you are a stay at home woman who is busy most of the time attending to the needs of her children and husband, finding enough time for exercising can be difficult. Not having enough time for it may force you to postpone your exercising for some other day which never comes. Lack of exercise can make you gain weight which is neither good for your health nor for your looks. Your busy schedule would mean that you would not be getting hours for exercising, but still you can devote 20 minutes towards exercising and that too few times in a week and be more fit and active. All you have to do is some planning and adjustment in the schedule of your tasks and you can steal time that you want for exercising.


You can improve your fitness by devoting 20 minutes time to these physical activities at your home. You can gain from them without the need to buy costly gyming equipment.


  1. By skipping a rope you can exert yourself within a short time span and it will cause you to your burn your fat too.


  1. Doing a limited number of pushups can impart strength to your upper body as well as bring sweat to you.


  1. Scaling stairs time and again at your home can be a good exercising option for you.


  1. For working on your abdomen, lie down on your back completely. Keep your knees immobile. Then try to touch your knees with your hands by lifting the upper portion of your body. Do this repeatedly and after the workout you will feel more fit than before.


  1. You can also download some aerobics videos from the internet, play such a video on your laptop and copy the instructor’s movements. You will gain from the experience.


  1. You can also play some dancing musical numbers that you like and dance your heart out. This will also burn some of your calories and that too in limited time.


  1. You can also gain from brisk walking around your house.


  1. If your husband comes to home in a car, ask him to park his car at some distance, so you can walk all along to bring his suitcase and thus burn some calories in the process.


  1. You can take some inspiration from the boxers, observe how they practice and try to hit at their opponents. You just copy their actions and try to hit out at an imaginary opponent. This will prove to be a good workout for your hands.

By participating in these easy but effective activities, you can increase your fitness and be more active.