How to protect and preserve moisture in skin during dry winters

How to protect and preserve moisture in skin during dry winters

Your skin is very delicate and reacts quickly with the changing weather. For us, skin reacts to every delicate situation and mood and when it comes to change of seasons, especially the winters, things often go South and we end up with dry, scaly and itchy skin. Guys still manage to make through with their hard layer skin but we the ladies face the harsh winters with our tender skin that is punished in cold. But not to worry anymore, without much use of expensive methods, we are going to see how you can protect and moisturise your skin even in the worst winter times.

Remember to oil after taking a bath

First of all, make it a must that even if you do not get time to apply oil everyday, you will try doing so at least twice a week. Applying oil and massaging the skin with it helps removing the dry scaly layer of the skin gradually which shows your clear skin underneath. Moisturizing with cream and oiling after bath are completely two different procedures and have different effects.

Moisturize every now and then

The main reason why skin looks dry and becomes itchy in winters is that it loses its moisture content. Without moisture, the texture or shall we say the ‘touch’ of the skin deteriorates to a great extent. Thus, use a good skin moisturizing cream or lotion that preferably contains aloe vera and almonds that would not only provide moisture to your skin, but also nourish it to help it regain its shine and clarity.


Scrubbing might just be able to save you from the wrath of winters. You can simply use a fruit mask and use it on your face and hands. After sometime, you can wash it off with a gentle warm towel and thus protect your skin from the dryness that the winters subject it to.

Avoid wet clothes, gloves or socks

Well, even this is understood, try avoiding wearing anything wet which would cause a lot of trouble as they begin to irritate a lot and might even cause serious infections. Prevention of skin related issues always does play well for the winters this way.

Last, but not the least

Let’s just say that these were the main aspects how you can protect and preserve the moisture. But the most important part of keeping your skin clear and healthy is by having healthy food. In winters, you need to drink plenty of warm water along with the fruits and green leafy vegetables.


Even these tips are not enough to get you the skin that you’re looking for. Apart from following these tips, you need to bring in some healthy habits as well so that the mentioned tips show the best of results. One such habit is of sleeping well. When you give rest to yourself, your skin also rests. Simple lifestyle changes can indeed make huge difference and thus they can easily protect and preserve your skin in the winter months with the above tips.