Harmony At Home: 3 Basic Principles Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy revolving around relationship between humans and their surrounding environment. It is about the way people and their environment connect. Feng Shui helps to improve your life by bringing the change in the objects at your home or office. People around the world are evincing keen interest in knowing more about Feng Shui, so as to employ its principles to attain success in their personal and professional life.


These are the three basic principles on which Feng Shui is based upon.


  1. Everything in this world is alive. Feng Shui believes that everything in the physical world is alive and is filled with energy which even includes objects like a table which we perceive as solid. Science proves this. If we inspect a table under the microscope, we can see it full of atoms and molecules which keep moving. This proves it has energy. With a different viewpoint, we see things as alive as these are related with our memories in some manner. If we go to a place for an outing and we enjoy there a lot, we bring back from there an object as a momento. By viewing it frequently, we relive those great moments at that place which uplifts our spirits.


Similarly everything in our environment has got some memory connected with it which can be both positive and negative. The positive one makes us feel good while the negative one makes us depressed. By keeping things in our house that are associated with a distressing time in our life, will drain our energy even when we are not conscious about them. These can stop us from moving ahead in life. So be aware of such negative things in your surroundings, get rid of them and replace them with positive and inspiring things. This will bring improvement in your health, career, relationships, prosperity besides other areas in our life.


  1. The second principle of Feng Shui stresses that everything is connected in this world. So we are connected with every individual and every object in this physical world even when we live in separate houses, travel in different cars and work in different offices. Being connected with everybody, we need to give more importance to our friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues and the community. If having sour relationships with people we work with, our energy will be drained. But with Feng Shui, we can create harmony and strike balance in our life. This will ultimately extend to people associated with us in our life. So they will get attracted to us, support and boost us up. So keep only those things around that we love in order to grow and prosper.


  1. The third principle is about that everything is ever changing in the world. We cannot stop the change. This forces to people to stay in undesired and unhappy situations as they do not know what is going to happen next in their life which instills fear in their mind. As the change is inevitable, Feng Shui stresses to just go with it. This philosophy encourages people to look at their life and think what they want to achieve. With Feng Shui, they can bring the desired change in their life and they can tread in the direction of their choice. This saves them from getting stuck in life.


With the help of Feng Shui, we can work towards creating a positive home environment which brings gains to us and allows us to achieve success in various aspects of our life.