Home Cleaning Tips For People Allergic To Dust

Dust can cause allergies in some people which can prove damaging for their health. To save them from any dust related allergies and their associated symptoms, dust at homes needs to be removed and kept to minimum levels. This is because it is simply not possible to get rid of dust completely. By stressing on these home cleaning tips, the amount of dust at homes can be greatly reduced which can help in protecting health of people suffering from dust related allergies.


  1. Clothes, towels and bedding put up in closets can be source of dust. So make efforts for cleaning the closets. Rather than keeping your clothes one above the other in the closets, keep them in clear plastic containers and then keep them in closets. These containers lock fibers in and keep the dust out. Moreover you can see what lies inside them. When you dust the closets, you can easily pull out the plastic containers and wipe them clean. Keep your closet floors free of clutter and make them well organized instead, so you can vacuum them fast.


  1. You should change your bedding every week as it happens to be a major distributor of dust. Wash your sheets and pillowcases every week in a washing machine to get rid of their dust. Blankets and bedspreads should be taken outside and shaken for making them dust free. Pillows need to be thoroughly cleaned which can be achieved by washing or dry cleaning them.


  1. Clean the air as you perform cleaning around your house. Vacuums tend to raise dust through their agitator which settles on the surfaces which have been just cleaned by you. In order to filter some of the dust before it gets settled on surfaces, switch on thermostat at your home to the fan on position. This will turn on the blower inside the furnace which will filter the air even when the system is neither heating nor cooling. So keep the blower on for around 15 minutes once you have finished cleaning.


  1. You should choose the right cleaning supplies for your home. Instead of using feather dusters for dusting that tend to spread the dust around, use damp rags or disposable cloths for the same as these attract the dust and hold it with an electrostatic charge. For dusting surfaces that are hard to dust with a cloth like fine woodwork and rough surfaces, use vacuum attachments for dusting them. This is because exhaust stream of a vacuum creates a dust storm.


By implementing these home cleaning tips, dust in homes can be significantly reduced which would help to protect health of people suffering from various dust related allergies.