How to Use Herbs and Spices in your Food

The absolutely delicious and relishing dishes you have that kind of enslave your taste buds, were otherwise bland without some very important ingredients- spices and herbs. Spices and herbs not only give the required taste, but they provide some health benefits that are difficult to gain from any other food or ingredients. The spices really do enhance the food and wake you taste buds up!

Smart tips
Well, here are some spices and herbs, way more ways that you could use or add to your everyday food and make the taste better and benefit from them.
1. Add the spices and herbs (seasonings) as per the requirements. Do not overwhelm it with spices or strong herbs. Instead of using two strong spices or herbs, complement one strong with a mild one to enhance the taste. Following this might help you a lot as the food gets its splendid flavour.
2. If you have to add herbs in the food while cooking, please do make sure that you add only dried herbs. Fresh herbs should only be used as toppings when the food is being served to provide the optimum flavour and pleasant aroma.
3. For cold dishes or the food that has to be stored in cold storage first, you need to add the herbs and spices hours before serving or final cooking. The time given thus helps the spices to blend in and give a relishing flavour to the dish. 
4. Cut the fresh leaves of the herbs very finely? No, not because of the smaller size. This needs to be done because a greater number of cuts ensure that the herb’s flavour is absorbed by the food. 5. When you are trying to use spices like cardamom or clove in raw form or any other herb in cooking, it is advised that you use a mortar and pestle to break the surface and let the food absorb more of the flavour.
6. Remember, if you are going to make servings for more people, you do need to multiply the spices added. This could destroy the taste by making it extra spicy. Only add 50% more for each serving extra.
7. Use dry spices and herbs whenever possible, preferred over the fresh ones. Spices are best when used dry because the dry spices and herbs contain more flavour or impart more flavour to the food as compared to the fresh ones.
8. Use cardamom along ginger for taste enhancement, turmeric for colour. Adding cardamom and ginger, just a bit of it takes the taste of your food way beyond awesome. To change the colour of your dish, you can add some spices like turmeric.
9. Use less chilli(red): Use less red chilli Green chilli is great for health but red chilli might burn your insides so do not use it above the required amount.

These tips could seriously help a lot in improving the taste of food and keeping you healthy. Well, make sure you are not allergic to any herb or spice.