How to straighten your hair naturally


Women dream of having long and shiny hair that are smooth in texture. Whenever we see someone with straight long shiny hair, we storm them with the questions as to how they managed to straighten their hair so well. A long hour of salon isn’t always the answer as most of the women sporting long hair have achieved that beautiful bunch with simple home-based techniques. Straightening the hair at home will always have longer and lasting effects as your hair start to straighten up naturally. Be it split ends or hard strands, you might just never have to face those issues again once you follow the following tips of naturally straightening your hair-

Milk and Honey mask for hair

Milk and honey can work wonders if we talk about hair straightening. Take a cup of milk; add two spoons of honey and some mashed strawberries. Apply this mix on your hair and wash after 2 hours to get well straightened hair just after first wash. Repeat for lasting effects.

Coconut and Lemon

Coconut is hair’s best friend. Worrying too much about your curly hair and want straight ones like really bad? Add a bit of lemon juice to the coconut milk and apply this paste to your hair. After about an hour, wash your hair with warm water and enjoy the results. You can repeat it twice or thrice a week for lasting results.

Eggs with Olive oil

Eggs too can help a lot if you want lasting straightening effects. Take two eggs and mix them well with olive oil to obtain a paste. With this, gently massage your scalp and then wrap the hair with warm towel. Washing after about 90 minutes will give you straight and shiny hair worth flaunting.

Castor Oil

 Heat some castor oil and gently massage your scalp with it, running the left over oil through your strands of hair along the length. After that, you can wrap your hair with a warm towel and wash after an hour to get the best results. Salon effect, without having to pay a lot!

Banana masking

Make a banana mask by mixing two mashed bananas and adding olive oil, honey and yoghurt. Mix it thoroughly and apply the mixture on your hair and leave for 30 minutes. If you’ve been facing problems of curls, you’ll notice that your hair have straightened to a great extent without much effort!

Use Aloe Vera

Don’t have it, use it! Aloe Vera is undoubtedly a wonderful herb and can be used well with warm oil to make a mask that would condition and nourish your hair in the best possible way. This is indeed one of the most effective ways to get straight hair naturally.


Having chemicals rubbed and pastes applied to your hair and spending a hefty sum of money to get straight hair- is not what everyone likes. Thus, it is better that you follow these simple home-based tips so that you too can get straight shiny hair with least efforts.