How to make fake piercings


Piercings look cool and speaking honestly, good piercings can enhance your sex appeal. Body piercings usually were limited to ears but now, you can find your best friend or even the girl next door with a new nose piercing. Lip piercing, eye piercing and navel piercing are very common these days. But let us tell you a secret- it looks cool and sexy, but it is equally painful and might cause irritation. And if you have to save yourself from the wrath of your parents and are afraid to make it permanent, we have the solution- fake piercings that are easy to make. You save yourself from the pain, the irritation and of course, judgemental comments by making fake piercings in the following easy steps-

Glue it

Gluing it is perhaps one of the most popular, most effective as well as the best way to make fake piercings is gluing the piercing to your skin. Use fake eyelash glue which is soft to the skin yet has strong adhesive properties. With the glue, you can stick small studs to your face in designer patterns to make them look like piercings. Easy, cheap and no pain at all!

Barbell piercings

Hold the stud and then bend the stem with a pair of pliers into a semi circle. Make sure that when you are trying to do so, just be patient and avoid any kind of disfigurement. Do this with other earing as well and you are done with making a perfect septum piercing.

Dazzle 3D stickers and dots

Looking to make dazzling piercings that can be used for various body parts? Then there’re dazzle dots and 3 D stickers for you which can be used for making fake piercings. Use these and the glue that we mentioned above to make navel, eye, lip as well as ear piercings. Fashionable and painless- not mess no fuss.

Use non piercing loops

You can also give an impression of wearing an earring that have been made from loops. You can use the dazzle dot and the non piercing loops to make an ear ring. When the loops are put into ears, it might hurt. So, make sure that you put some nail paint on the ends and prevent infection or irritation.

Navel piercing with bead

And now let us go on to learn how to make a navel piercing that would look ultra cool and sexy. You can easily find silver bead from a local store like in Walmart. Find a skin friendly glue or use the fake eyelash glue to make a brilliant navel piercing. Glue the bead of whatever colour that you want and allow it to dry- perfect navel piercing ready!


Fake piercings are cool and easy to make. You can of course avoid the irritation and pain of real piercings by making fake ones with easily available material. You can also have an idea about how the piercing might look on you if you try the fake piercing on and thus, you have no loss in trying one on!