How to love yourself


It has been correctly said that you just can’t find love when you can’t love yourself. And then arises the question- how does one love himself? Is it even possible? Then let us answer that, yes it is very much possible and not only does it help in relationships, it gives you the self-confidence and acceptance that you’ve always been looking for. Forget about what people might think about your craziness- just do it if you’ve wanted to do it. Just for that, we bring you some quick tips on how to love yourself and make yourself stronger.

Stop criticizing yourself

The first step for self-love and appreciation is that you would need to understand that criticizing is never going to help in any way. Building a pressure to enhance performance isn’t really going well with self-criticism. Thus, you need to start appreciating what you do, be it any little work or whatsoever. Love your work and things you put together- one small step, giant leap towards loving yourself.

Record Positivity

Give yourself the reasons to love yourself. You probably aren’t in love with yourself because you just can’t something big or significant to love yourself. And that’s the problem right there. Understand that each of us are different. While some look too pretty, others are good dancers while some cook food better than great many people. Thus, you need to find out your specialties and note them down. Record all good stuff about yourself and there you go- that’s the list of reasons (apart from you being you) why you should love you.

Put a stop to dating

Not forever, but for the time being that you do not or can’t love yourself, stop dating. Stopping to date someone might just take away your love away but this comes as a crucial part or step to learn how to love yourself. When ypu are free from a relationship, it becomes one less of a burden. This way, you can concentrate on you, yourself and not be just a couple bound and dependent person. More time for yourself, you got more time to love the beach.

Accept what you are, as you are

Don’t fight with yourself and get lost in the struggle to be someone else. Following someone is good but in the end, the final deciding factor should always be yours. Thus, try to accept your behaviour as well as physical prowess. Doing so will help you move forward and rediscover yourself in the best possible way. Others are good at something and so are you as you are second to none.


Girls, we know it is hard to do so as all these tips were easier said than done. But as it is said, it is never too late to start trying. Hence, follow these simple and easy tips to learn more about yourself and start loving yourself.