How To Improve Your Home's Wifi Connection

If wifi at your home is suffering from issues like slow speeds, bad reception besides other problems, this can hamper with your smooth computer experience. By undertaking these simple but effective steps, you can improve the performance of your wifi connection.


  1. You need to place your router at a position that lies near the center of your house. A router transmits signals in all directions. If you put the router in a corner of your house or near a window, this can result in significant wastage of its signal. By moving your router near to the central location in your house, is going to improve your wifi’s performance to a great extent.


  1. If your router lies on the floor, you should instead place it at some distance above the floor. As most of the routers are designed to broadcast signals slightly downward after traveling from the antenna, these cannot easily penetrate solid materials like concrete, metal and cement which your floor might be made up of. So you should place the router a few feet above the ground. Placing it on a bookshelf or a table is going to help you.


  1. You should put your router in that room where you use it majority of the time. Wherever you put the router, its signals will be strongest in that room where it has been placed. For benefiting the most from it, place the router in that spot which lies near the center of your house. This spot should be in that specific room where you actually use devices connected with your wifi.


  1. You are advised to keep the router out in the open. As router’s signals get absorbed by various materials, try to keep it at an open place. This means you should not put it in a closet or place it between a large sized furniture and a wall. Radio waves are known to travel best through the open air, so you can get an idea from the sight lines. If you are able to see the router from a greater distance as well as from many different angles, you can conclude that you are using it efficiently.


  1. If electronic devices surround your router, keep the router away from them. This is because such devices tend to interfere with your router’s signal as these contain a motor or generate an electromagnetic signal. Do not place the router between home entertainment components or beneath your TV. Large metal objects like filing cabinets, mirrors, etc. and things like a fish tank should be avoided as these can block your router’s signal.

By implementing these simple yet effective tips, you can enhance the performance of your wifi connection and enjoy a more smoother computer experience.