How to get beautiful clear skin with simple home remedies

Beautiful and clear skin is every girls dream. With the dirt and pollution content rising in the air we breathe and face everyday, it isn’t exactly a cakewalk to go out there, spend the time working all day and then come back looking like a model. Forget make-up, somewhere in the rat race, you are no longer eating that well and taking care of your skin and thus there is a need for you to give your skin the treatment that it deserves. So here is a look at some of the easy go-kitchen remedies for you to give your skin a rejuvenating treat and keep your skin clear, always.

Turmeric paste

Turmeric is indeed one of the best spices or shall we say the kitchen item that can give your skin an absolutely fantastic parlour and salon like treatment. All you need to do is to mix two spoons of turmeric powder with some water or milk (preferred) and then apply this paste on your face or arms. Leave it for 20-30 minutes or till the paste just begins to dry. As soon as it does dry up, wash it off with warm water. Repeat this for everyday and observe the change within 7-10 days.

Curd everyday

Having a bit of yoghurt or curd would be great for your skin as it keeps it cool and provides the nutrients needed to keep the skin clear from the inside. But if you need the best results that you can see for yourself, wash your face by applying a bit of curd or pure yoghurt everyday. In about a week, you would be able to notice that your skin looks much clearer and younger.

Papaya Milk mask

You can also do this simple procedure twice or thrice a week to get clear and fresh looking skin that is free from pimples or other problems. Mash some papaya (preferably a slice of it), mix it well with less than half a cup of milk and add a bit of honey to thicken. The papaya milk mask is ready. Apply it on your face and then leave for about 30 minutes or till when it completely dries. Peel off the mask or wash your face with warm water and dab with warm towel to get clear and beautiful skin.


Citrus foods work wonder for the skin and if you got lemon, that’s just what you need to get clear flawless skin. Squeeze a lemon into a bowl, add honey and make a mixture. Next, apply this to your face and wash after the lemon-honey mix has completely dried. Or, you can also rub the lemon peel on your skin to remove dirt deep in the skin layers. Repeat and continue for the best results.

Not to forget, you need to drink plenty of water to always keep your skin lively. The more water you drink, more dirt will be washed out from the deep layers of your skin.


 For getting a clear skin that looks beautiful, you no longer need to sit in parlour for hours anymore. Follow these simple tips and you are good to go!