How to eat well for hair nourishment!


Your hair are your pride and we know it as we feel the same! Be it long and shiny or cute curls that you love, your hair need nourishment too. Without nourishment, your hair will start to thin up, lose all their charm and then the various issues of hair fall, hair dryness, dandruff, split ends, etc. creep up and spoil the good times. Clinically, it has been proven that mere washing and conditioning of hair isn’t enough, neither is massaging with oil. To provide complete nourishment to your hair, you need to eat right and well. Yes, there are certain foods that you can try which are good for your hair. Here is how you can get well-nourished hair by eating well-


Carrots, are full with nutrients that your hair really need. Filled with vitamin A and several other minerals, carrots provide complete nourishment to your hair and scalp that make your hair stronger and thicker. Forget about hair fall and split ends- eat one or two carrots daily and you will gradually observe the difference in the texture as well as the look of your hair. If you take carrots with milk, the results are expected to improve to a great extent.


Eggs are undoubtedly one of the best foods that you could have for hair nourishment. Eggs contain protein, or say contain only protein- which makes the hair strong from the root. Keratin content is increased in hair and thus your hair look better, feel stronger and are nourished right to the root. One boiled egg a day apart from weekly ‘hair egg wash’ would you give you amazingly beautiful and shiny long hair.


Ever heard oats are complete food, the only such after milk? Well that’s true- nutrients and fibre all in one food. So just imagine what a bowl of oats and milk daily in the breakfast can do for hair! Oats provide roughage to the body which helps in drainage of unneeded material and also provides nourishment to the scalp, which ends hair fall by strengthening the hair from root. Hold on, it does strengthen the hair along the length too.


Dry fruits are good for hair and eyes. Walnuts specially, have been proven to have miraculous effects on the head- be it brain or your scalp. And when it improves and enriches the skin of scalp as well as the inner portions, it does provide nutrition to your hair root as well. And when the roots are strong, you are good to go along! Try taking 30-50g of Walnuts everyday in the morning for best results.


You might already be using Almond oil for your hair and here’s the fact- almonds eaten provide better nourishment. 50g of almonds with milk in the morning provide the best possible complete nourishment to hair and also help your hair grow in length.


Thus, not just the shampoos, conditioners or oils work. Some good fruits and food items too can provide you the hair nourishment that you’re looking for.