How to choose the best tech gift for a guy

You are good at buying gifts for your girlfriends and mom as you know what a woman would want and how the whole psychology thing works. But when it comes to buying a gift for your brother, best friend, boy friend or father, you often tend to be more inclined towards the garments section. Well, it is time that we say goodbye to idiotic gift ideas that you might have had for this Christmas your new year. Understanding what your beloved man might want, we present you a small guide how to choose the best gift for a guy.

Get him a new accessory

If your beloved man is already in possession of great stuff, all you need to do is buy him an accessory. Like for example, if he already has a great smartphone, get him a fancy custom flip cover, a new pair of awesome earphones or headphones. Technology is the new weapon- just don’t fail on delivering the new best accessory for him as a special gift. 

Go get a streaming device

No, this isn’t the only choice, but this is the alternative of a great gift. If you do not already have it, get this for your beloved man and gift him a streaming device like Roku 4, Chromecast, etc. With over thousands of HD channels, your beloved will always have one amazing and mesmerising experience watching movies and matches.

Get a drone

Not a military one with arms system, but a simple drone with a cam recorder and some fun siren will cheer your guy up for sure. Irrespective of the age, men always love flying gadgets and the very thought of owning one would excite them. Whether it lasts for them or not, this gift is surely going to keep them grateful to you for a very long time. Not to worry, you can find some of the best drones at most affordable prices at various stores and shopping sites.

Get a Gaming rig

Another universal gift that has been working all these years is a gaming rig and video games to play. Needless to say, all you need to do is give your guy the gaming rig like Xbox, PS4 or something on the lines of that along with 3-4 gaming rigs and the man will love you till death. Gaming might just be a hobby for others but for men, gaming is no less than a passion, a craze that they are madly addicted to.

Fitness wearable

It is a smart watch, it is a fitness tracker and it is a notification board- the fitness wearables these days are the next big talk of the town. The likes of Pebble and Fitbit Charge or Surge are selling like hot cakes currently. Get your man these and not only can he increase his tech reliability and ease of access, he can also put efforts to be fit.


Remember, don’t overspend and if you’re having doubts, try to ask the man himself. It is better to ask and gift rather than surprising with  gift that wasn’t even wanted in the first place.